Step 2 - Get funds from a faucet

This page describes how to get Bitcoin on the Spiderchain EVM by using our official faucet.

If you would like to test the Spiderchain EVM but don't have test Bitcoin to bridge, you can request some funds from our official Botanix Labs Faucet.

In case the official Botanix Labs Faucet has run out of funds or there any other issues, you can also get funds at which has been developed by 5thWeb in collaboration with Botanix Labs. This is a safe faucet to use.

Step 1 - Connect your MetaMask to the faucet

After you navigated to the Botanix Labs Faucet, you will be prompted to connect your MetaMask to the faucet if you haven't done it already. After clicking Add Botanix Testnet First, MetaMask will open up a notification which asks you to add our Botanix Testnet network. Click Approve and Switch network.

Step 2 - Request some funds

You can request funds by clicking on the "Get your funds" button. A window will open that we are processing your request and not much later your funds will be on their way. In a matter of minutes, they will show up in your MetaMask.

If you want more BTC than the daily allotted amount or run into trouble with the above faucet, you can also bridge testnet BTC to Botanix. Note that you'll need to get test BTC on Signet in order to do so.

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