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This document is currently in draft and will be continuously updated as feedback is captured from readers like you. In case you have any feedback, it can be given on our Telegram channel or on Discord.

Building on Botanix is synonymous with building on Ethereum. Building dApps will not require a translation layer and are easily portable from Ethereum to Botanix.

On the following pages, you will find some general information on common tools used for developing dApps on EVM-compatible chains. Next, you will find how you can Build on Botanix. We have gathered information for our three main groups of builders:

  1. People who built on Bitcoin before and now want to build on Botanix using the EVM - see Basic Botanix Information

  2. People who are used to building applications on the EVM and want to start from scratch - see Develop a new dApp

  3. People who want to migrate an existing application from another chain to Botanix - see Migrate existing dApps

Happy building!

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