Step 1 - Set up your wallet

Install MetaMask​

The Spiderchain EVM is fully equivalent with Ethereum. Because of that, it works with MetaMask right out of the box. (If you're not familiar with the identity manager, wallet, and web3 passport that is MetaMask, get started here).

Multiple wallet integrations will be implemented at a later stage.

Connect to the testnet

There are two different ways you can connect to the testnet.


If you want to automatically connect to the Botanix testnet, simply navigate to our Faucet or our Port and MetaMask will guide you through the process.


To add the Botanix Testnet manually to your MetaMask, use the following information:

Network Name: Botanix Testnet
Chain ID: 3636
Currency Symbol: BTC
Block Explorer URL:

If you need some pointers on how to change your MetaMask to the Botanix testnet, follow MetaMask's instructions here.

All you need to interact with Botanix is to download MetaMask, which you can install as a browser extension or mobile app.

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