To begin, we should make clear the distinctions between the different names being used, some of which may confuse new users.


Botanix Labs

The name of the company that has invented and is building the Spiderchain. The goal of the company is to build the infrastructure to transform Bitcoin from the best money ever made to the programmable layer that will serve as the basis for the future of finance.


Technically, a series of successive multisigs between Botanix Orchestrators.This series effectively creates a network that safeguards the bitcoin that is being bridged from the Bitcoin layer to the Spiderchain EVM. However, for marketing purposes, you will encounter Spiderchain as the name of the blockchain network.

Spiderchain EVM

The name of the network being developed by Botanix Labs. This name is being used when we need to make a clear differentiation between the Spiderchain as the network safeguarding staked Bitcoin versus the blockchain network.

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