Advanced concepts

n these pages, you will find more detailed and technical information about our design.

The Spiderchain EVM is a decentralized Turing-complete Layer 2 solution built on the native currency of bitcoin. It operates using two core components:

  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine: Fortified by a PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus protocol that leverages Bitcoin's PoW (Proof of Work) for superior security. Stakes are represented by actual bitcoin stored securely on Bitcoin within the Spiderchain.

  • The Spiderchain: A dynamic and ever-evolving set of decentralized multi-signature wallets that secure all the actual bitcoin on Botanix. The Spiderchain consists of a distributed network of multisigs, safeguarded by a randomized subset of participants, making it a truly decentralized protection mechanism.

Just like Ethereum, but with Bitcoin

The Spiderchain EVM is an infrastructure that means it looks, feels, and behaves like the Ethereum blockchain. But, instead of using ETH, you will transact and do everything with BTC.

Solidity smart contracts can run on the Spiderchain EVM just as they run on Ethereum.

System Overview

Here are the 3 key elements of the Botanix protocol which we will discuss in more detail.

Layer 1 - Bitcoin

  • The standard Bitcoin chain.

  • Every Botanix node runner will also run a full Bitcoin node.

  • Users will be able to send Bitcoin to a certain single-use multi-signature wallet that's part of the Spiderchain to get in return the same amount of Bitcoin on Botanix.

  • Once a user burns bitcoin on Botanix, they can redeem it back on Bitcoin Layer 1.


  • The Spiderchain secures the bitcoin on Botanix and keeps the collateral of the stakers.

  • A set of multi-signature wallets on Bitcoin that together form the Spiderchain.

  • The set of multisigs are constantly moving ensuring forward security.

  • The multisig signers are a random subset of the Botanix stakers.

Spiderchain EVM

  • The Spiderchain EVM is a fork of the rust implementation of Ethereum (Reth).

  • Equivalent to the EVM.

  • Any solidity contract on Ethereum works on the Spiderchain EVM.

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