Bridge-in & bridge-out

The currency used on the Botanix blockchain is bitcoin. This means that every bitcoin from the Bitcoin main chain is worth equally much on the Botanix chain. The total value locked in the Botanix network of multisigs equals the total amount of bitcoin present on the Botanix chain.

Simply said, bridge-in means the process of transferring bitcoin from its main chain to the Botanix chain. This means that you will be able to use it with all kinds of decentralized applications which opens up a whole new world!

After the bridge-in process, the original funds remain secured in multisig chain between the different Orchestrator nodes . Botanix uses an account model (in comparison to Bitcoins UTXO model) and bitcoin can therefore move freely on the Botanix EVM.

Opposite, the bridge-out means the transferring of bitcoin from the Botanix chain back to the Bitcoin main chain.

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